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Twilight Princess: The Visual Guide
The following is the Visual Guide to Twilight Princess. If you are stuck at any part, you need but only check out our videos as they will guide you through the game. They're not perfect - I make mistakes, but they will suffice. Please be warned, these are videos of the entire game, so spoilers are present.
The Guides
Ordon Village: Day 1 Ordon Village: Day 1
Ordon Village: Day 2 Ordon Village: Day 2
Ordon Village: Day 3 Ordon Village: Day 3
Hyrule Castle Sewers Hyrule Castle Sewers
Hyrule Castle Rooftops Hyrule Castle Rooftops
Sword and Shield Sword and Shield
Faron Woods Faron Woods
Forest Temple Forest Temple
Journey to Kakariko Journey to Kakariko
Kakariko Village Kakariko Village
Death Mountain Death Mountain
Goron Mines Goron Mines
Journey to Lake Hylia Journey to Lake Hylia
Lake Hylia Lake Hylia
Journey to Lakebed Temple Journey to Lakebed Temple
Lakebed Temple Lakebed Temple
Return to Hyrule Castle Return to Hyrule Castle
The Master Sword The Master Sword
Gerudo Desert Gerudo Desert
Arbiter's Grounds Arbiter's Grounds
Journey to Snowpeak Journey to Snowpeak
Snowpeak Ruins Snowpeak Ruins
Sacred Grove Sacred Grove
Temple of Time Temple of Time
Ilia's Memory Ilia's Memory
City in the Sky City in the Sky
Palace of Twilight Palace of Twilight
Hyrule Castle Hyrule Castle
The Final Showdown The Final Showdown